12 Perfect Last Dances for Your Wedding Reception

Finish big. You should be having so much fun at your Chicago wedding that you never want it to end – but when it does, it’s sure nice ending on a high note.

What kind of music does that best? There are a couple ways to go: the romantic slowdance song. The big farewell. And, of course, the rollicking, breathless last bang.

Whatever song your DJ ends with, it ought to be something that all your guests can get into. You could even pick several options - a fast and a slow choice, for example - so your DJ can read the mood when the time comes. Here are 12 favorite last-dance ideas from Backthird Entertainment’s DJs to get you thinking.

DJ Keaton Michael

1. Pink "Raise Your Glass" - "A club song like this is great for a last BANG at the end of the night."

2. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes, "Home"- "Lyrically and musically this indie hit works as a great sendoff. It's upbeat, but just a little sentimental."

3. Neil Diamond, "Sweet Caroline" - "We've seen this song turn into an incredible sing-along at the end of the night, with the wedding couple surrounded by friends and everyone dancing and laughing. A great finale."

DJ Kelvon Fluellen

4. Marvin Gaye, “Let’s Get it On” – “As a last dance before heading off on your wedding night, I guess the title says it all!”

5. Stevie Wonder, “Ribbon in the Sky” – “Romantic and touching.”

6. The Isley Brothers, "Shout." If you want to end with all ages on the floor getting goofy together, this one is can't-miss.”

7. Sarah Brightman & Andrea Boccelli, "Time to Say Goodbye." - "At the other end of the scale, this is a mellow and sweet way to wrap your party up. I've seen it work great for an afternoon wedding where the couple and guests were all a little older."

DJ Vince Gargaro

8. Louis Armstrong, “What a Wonderful World” – "Folks of all ages love this classic – it never goes out of style."

9. Bon Jovi, “Livin’ on a Prayer” – "You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a bridal party make themselves hoarse belting this out at the end of the night."

10. Journey, “Don’t Stop Believin’” – “If the dance floor isn’t packed already, it will be by the time the opening piano riff to this anthem is finished. Folks love to goof of to this - especially in Chicago."

DJ Stephanie Policarpio

11. Donna Summer, “Last Dance” – “Iconic tune, big energy - and the name says it all. But your crowd better dig disco!"

12. Fun, “We Are Young”“A great last dance song because it starts slow and builds like crazy. And everybody seems to know the lyrics.”


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