a COVID-19 update for our clients

UPDATE: As of May 8, coronavirus rebooking policies and procedures are on this page.


UPDATE: As of April 1, we're no longer charging rebooking fees. If you've got to reschedule your wedding due to coronavirus gathering guidelines, contact your Account Manager when you're set your new date. We'll send you an updated contract.

Your full wedding payment will still be due on the date outlined in your ORIGINAL contract, i.e. 30 days before your ORIGINAL wedding date. But we'll reschedule our performance to your new date at no additional charge.


UPDATE: As of March 27, we've extended the rescheduling/rebooking practices outlined above to include weddings through June 30. If you've got an event booked with us before June 30 and you want to reschedule or rebook, contact us with your new event date and we'll take care of you!

Here's how we're handling weddings that booked our DJs and musicians during "social distancing.".

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